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Membership Grades

Membership of The Nigerian Institution of Estates Surveyors and Valuers is open to all Nigerians, and in certain cases to foreigners, who have obtained the requisite training in estate surveying and valuation and in the broad field of estate management at approved Institutions both within and outside the country. Foreigners desiring to be members must show proof that they are conversant with laws guiding the ownership of land and property in Nigeria.

Membership can also be attained through sitting for the Institutions qualifying professional examinations.

There are four categories of Membership, namely :
  • Professional
  • Non-professional
  • Corporate or firm
  • Honorary

1. Professional Membership is made up of Associates and Fellows, and they are those who have undergone the prescribed training, passed the qualifying examinations and interviews and obtained the necessary Practical experience required to practice Estate Surveying.
2. Non-Professional Membership includes Graduates, Probationers and Students who are in the process of taking the qualifying professional examination or interview but are attached to firms of the Institution for the furtherance of their professional practice.
3. Corporate or Firm Membership includes registered organization which are licensed to practice Estate Surveying as a legal entity.
4. Honorary Members are persons who are not engaged in the Practice of the profession, but by reason of position, experience or eminence assist in promoting the objects of the Institution. i.e.: The Grand Patron of The Institution is the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal republic of Nigeria. The State Governors are the Patrons of The Institution in their respective states.


A Past President of The Institution (NIESV) may have after his or her name the initials "PPNIVS", a Fellow may use the abbreviation "FNIVS", and an associate may use the letters "ANIVS" while an Honorary Member may attach after his or her name the initials "HNIVS".