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Membership Routes

Recommendations from the Membership Committee:


Student members are those who decide to join The Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) by writing the Institution`s Examinations starting from Professional Qualifying Examination 1 (PQE 1)to Professional Practice Examination (PPE).

This category includes those:
  • Studying Estate Management and Valuation in accredited Institutions,
  • From Allied Professional Bodies; and
  • Working in Organizations/Firms approved by the Institution.

In all cases, the candidate must have the requisite entry qualification for admission to read Estate Management and Valuation.


These are graduates from Universities and Polytechnics offering Estate Management and Valuation. These categories of members are required to take the following Institution`s Examinations.

i. Graduates from accredited Universities are required to sit for Professional Practice Examination (PPE).

If however the university was not accredited at the time the candidate graduated, such a candidate will be required to write Professional Qualifying Examination 3 (PQE3) and Professional Practice Examination (PPE).

ii. Graduates from Polytechnics are required to sit for Professional Qualifying Examination 3 (PQE 3) and Professional Practice Examination (PPE).

If however, the Polytechnic was not accredited at the time the candidate graduated, such a candidate will sit for Professional Qualifying Examination 2 (PQE 2), Professional Qualifying Examination 3 (PQE 3) and Professional Practice Examination (PPE).


Student or Graduate/Probationer member, who is successful in the Institution`s Examinations as in paragraph 1.0 and 2.0 above, respectively shall be eligible for election as an Associate Member of the Institution.


i) The candidate must have gained practical experience in a recognized office for a minimum period of two years, post graduation/final qualifying examination.
ii) The Candidates shall submit a Topic and synopsis for a Critical Analysis in one of his/her area of practical experience during the two year tutelage for approval.
iii) The approval synopsis expires after two year from the date to approval and can be revalidated on the payment of N10,000.
iv) The Critical Analysis must be supervised by a financially update Estate Surveyor and Valuer of not less than five (5) years post Associate Election.
v) Candidate can apply for approval of a supervisor where there is no qualified estate Surveyor and Valuer in his/her place of employment.
vi) Candidate shall apply for approval for change of supervisor on change of employment
vii) The candidate shall keep a Log Book and Diary on all his/her practical work within the two (2) years tutelage.
viii) Within the period of probation, the candidate must have attended a minimum of two (2) national Conferences and Continuing Professional Development Seminar, thus, obtaining a minimum total of 20 credit points.

The credit points are assigned as follows:
  • National Conference - 7 points per attendance
  • National MCPD - 5 points
  • One Day State Branch organized MCPD - 3 points
  • Two Day State Branch organized MCPD - 5 points


i. Eligible candidate shall complete the Institution`s prescribed Application form
ii. The Form must be signed by:
  • Candidate`s employer.
  • Two (2) financially update Fellows of the Institution.
  • Two (2) financially update Associates of not less than five years post Associate election.
  • TheBranch Chairman of the Candidate.

iii. The application Form shall be submitted along with:
  • Stipulated copies of Critical Analysis duly certified and sealed by the Supervisor.
  • Log books, Diary and Analysis Sheets duly completed.
  • Payment of the required Application Fee including any outstanding due to the Institution.


i. Candidates who have satisfied the above stipulated requirements shall be invited to appear before the Membership Committee for interview.
ii. At the interview, Candidate is required to:
  • Present all the Original Certificates for sighting by the Interview Panel.
  • Satisfy the Interview Panel on his/her competence on the Critical Analysis, Professional knowledge and Current Affairs.
  • Score a minimum of 50% average for a pass mark.
  • Donate a minimum of two standard textbooks in any area of Estate Management and Valuation.
  • Make a handsome donation to the Institution`s Benevolent Fund.

iii. Candidates who did not honour invitation to interview can be reinvited on payment of N5,000.00
iv. Candidates who were not successful at the interview can be reinvited on payment of N5,000.00


A candidate to be considered under this route must posess:
i) A degree or Diploma in Estate Management and Valuation.
ii) Be a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), at Associate level for not less than five (5) years.
iii) Must have held or is holding a Management position in the Real Estate Section of a company (if in employment) or has been working in an Estate Surveying Firm recognized by the Institution.
iv) Candidate shall submit a detailed resume detailing qualification and experience (resume template is obtainable at the NIESV`s Secretariat).
v) Candidate shall submit a case study on any aspect of Real Estate Market in Nigeria or the Profession, of not more than 5000 words.
vi) Candidate shall submit his application for election through the Branch Chairman of his place of residence or work.
vii) Candidate shall be invited to appear before the Management Committee and shall be required to fulfill the conditions in paragraph 3.3 (ii) above.


Associates above ten years could apply to be admitted into the fellowship cadre of the Institution through the Privileges Committee.